This battery case is designed to carry very large milliamp batteries. These batteries are commonly used is drones, extended flights, and boats. The Red Baron Bags battery case is a unique design that keeps your batteries organized and safe whether at the field, at home, or in the car.  

With individual pockets for each battery, there is no more worry about batteries getting damaged.  
Convenient carry strap makes it very easy to carry the bag to and from the field.  No more duffel bags full of batteries!
NOTE: For larger batteries, such as 5S and above, only one side (green or red) of the case should be used at a time.
In this case, you can use the green pockets for charged batteries and red pockets for discharged batteries!
For smaller batteries, (4S and below) size is not a factor and both the green and red sides may be used.

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Battery case for storage and transport of large milliamp Lipo batteries

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